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Our Partners

ARCHLine.XP works with non-profit organisations such as KBDi (Kitchen & Bathroom Designers Institute) to support, educate and connect design professionals.

Our goal is to promote education and new technology in the sphere of kitchen & bathroom design, architecture, interior design and cabinetry-making

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Architecture & Building Design

Interior Design

Kitchen & Bathroom Design

Innovative & efficient 3D CAD BIM software for architecture, interior design and kitchen & bathroom design.

ARCHLine.XP’s rich tool-set is beyond that of other CAD software and caters to Architects, Building Designers, Interior Designers, Kitchen and Bathroom Designers, Stage and Set Designers, Floor Planners, Developers, Town Planners, Tilers, Cabinet Makers, Furniture Designers, Builders and more.

Hear from our happy customers.

“I have used the software since 2009 and over the years has helped win some very important clients. It allows me to present my work in a very high standard, easily and efficiently. The Cadline team is also there to support me creating High Res CGI when my time is limited. The quality is exceptional and I cannot recommend this enough and I am happy to discuss with anyone who wishes to know more. My recent presentations at Grand Designs featured the latest designs using Cadline and was applauded in its detail. Many thought they were photographs of the project.”

Nicholas Sunderland, NS Interior Designs

*Award-Winning Interior Design Firm

The idea to design something for ourselves was very intriguing. As we are about to start our own family, it was much fun to play with the idea of imagining our future home. 

I have prepared the documentation – demolition, construction, suspended ceiling, electrical plans, wall elevations and mood boards with ARCHLine.XP, a platform I got to know around the beginning of this year, and which I have been using for my work ever since. Before I used to draw by hand, which was very time consuming, but ever since I started using this software, my work has become much faster and far more accurate..

Monika Bona, Bomo Interiors

*Award-Winning Interior Design Firm

“I think it’s quite a challenge for any designer to design their own homes, because the end result will reflect their own personality, style, values and professional skills. I dreamed up a home for our family, the space to which it’s a pleasure to return, and which can be a suitable meeting ground for friends and family alike.

I was going for an elegant, sophisticated and modest contemporary style. I like to apply the “less is more” principle in my work – and this is what motivated me here as well...”

Krisztina Szilagyine, Kriszta Art Interior Design

*Award-Winning Interior Design Firm

I quickly found that it was extremely user friendly and a joy to learn but also because it comes with a built in facility to easily create exceptionally good renders, you can quickly see your ideas come to life.

ARCHLineXP’s amazing features have totally transformed our business and would likely continue to bring new opportunities.

Dóró Judit, Doro Design Studio

I get the feeling quite often that I have the most beautiful and amazing job in the world, because it is an uplifting feeling to design the living environment of a family. I did not use the expression “house” on purpose, I’d rather call it environment, which entails the house just as much as its effect on nature, the neighborhood, the living tissue of the settlement itself, or on the people who live in it. The architect, therefore, can simultaneously be a creative artist, and an engineer who seeks logical solutions...”

Gabor Scholtz, Architect 

“ARCHLine.XP has certainly made a lot of things easier for me. For example, if you want to design a kitchen, there’s a tool for that; if you want to do a bathroom fit-out there’s a tool for that; and the stair, railing and roof tool are also incredibly useful. It has allowed me to add a higher level of detail that I wouldn’t otherwise be able to add in other CAD programs. It’s both a great architecture and interior design tool.

Hendrik Boshoff, Architecture (Honours) Student

Features You’ll Love

Storey Wise

Link your building elements to floor levels – If the levels are changed the entire building and its associated drawings will update without you having to do a thing!

Stair Master

Create and manipulate 3D parametric stairs with the industry’s most versatile stair tools. Adjust stairs, railings and balustrades to suit any condition and desired outcome. ARCHLineXP’s stairs even cut a logical stairwell in the floor and ceiling for you! There are no stair designs that can’t be achieved in ARCHLineXP.

Interior Elevations

Create interior wall elevations of each wall that excludes the rest of the building automatically to see detail that may be difficult to describe in plan or standard section or elevation views. This is particularly good for interior design professions.

Visual Control

Fully control the visual layout of your drawings and all the elements in your model. For instance, walls to be demolished can be set to appear dashed and red in one view, solid and hatched in another and not appear at all in another. You control what’s seen and how.


ARCHLine.XP’s automatic roof tools are class leading and make it very easy to define both simple and complex roofs over any shape at any angle, and intersecting with anything. Roof openings and complex framing are also supported.

Shadow Analysis

ARCHLineXP’s real-time Shadow Engine lets you perform accurate shade/sun studies on your models. See how the sun affects your space at any time and date. Watch the daylight move across your space.

Turn 2D to 3D

Quickly convert imported 2D drawings into intelligent 3D models using existing geometry in the drawing for accurate placement of walls, openings, roofs and other architectural elements. Easy.

Auto Dimension

Add precise annotations and dimensions to your documentation either manually or automatically. The unique automated routines save hours on every project.

Built-in Rendering

You have a first-class raytrace render engine built in. Easily render life-like fabrics, textiles, leathers and wall finishes with excellent light effects in daytime and night scenes – all in just a few minutes, or export to your favorite presentation software as desired.

Wall Types

Any type of wall can be modelled with ARCHLine.XP’s full support for composite walls, variable thickness, variable slope, differing materials, any shape. Niches, holes and unusual shaped penetrations are fully catered for. Be as creative as you need to be.

Wall connections are also fully managed by the system to correctly join to other walls, floors and ceilings etc. You have complete control.

BIM Libraries

Import Revit families and SketchUp models  to have no end of objects you can use directly in your ARCHLine.XP model. BIM objects can even be converted to intelligent BIM elements in ARCHLine.XP such as doors and windows.

The Right Perspective

Simple and accurate perspectives are as easy as dragging a mouse from where you stand to where you are focused. Perspective views provide an in-depth look at the design as if you were there.

Floors & Ceilings

Design regular or irregular shaped slabs, sloping slabs, and detailed foundations. A slab can be single layered or multi-layered with beams in it too. Profiles assist in creating custom made slabs, such as annular vaults and cross vaults, etc.

Dynamic Sections

Visually cut-away parts of your design enabling you to look inside your model or to create architectural sections and section views for your drawings.

360 Panoramas for VR

Get inside your model and take a walk-through. Navigate within or around your design with complete freedom. With the Panorama 360 feature clients can immerse themselves in a near virtual world of your model directly in their browser.

Watch it here

Building Fabrics/Sails

Shade sails, netting, and complex twisted materials all have a place in design. ARCHline.XP handles these as effortlessly as every other element, eliminating design constraints imposed by other systems.

Construction Documentation

A project may contain as many Layout sheets as you require. These may be static or dynamically linked to your 3D models so updates automatically happen to your 2D drawings as you model changes. You remain in complete control of the process.

The entire printable material can be customized to ensure the look and feel of your drawings is both correct and consistent with your personal style or office standards.

Tiling & Surface Patterns

ARCHLine.XP’s tiling tools are second to none. If you need to detail the way tiles are laid on any surface then this is your tool. Tile shops, interior designers, kitchen and bathroom designers in particular appreciate this class leading feature set.

Kitchens & Bathrooms

Advanced kitchen and cabinet tools provide the fastest and most flexible kitchen, bathroom and robe design software in the market. No other architectural CAD comes close. Cabinet makers love how easy it is to generate complete kitchens, cabinets, bathrooms and robes is just a few minutes, and make changes in seconds.

Mobile & Device Compatibility

Uniquely, ARCHLineXP’s menu system can be switched to work on Windows tablet devices with touch screens.

Gesture based finger motion control and simplified finger friendly menus make manipulation of the model and commands a natural extension to your eye-hand-mind relationship.

Complete Control

Whilst ARCHLine.XP is extremely automated and produces meaningful  models faster than other software, it also gives the user complete control over each element in the building, thus allowing for individual manipulation in a very predictable manner. Knowing you are in control of your model is a great feeling.

Why Choose ARCHLine.XP

Faster Design

A new way to design in 2D and 3D at the same time. The perfect balance between conceptual design and technical detailing and drafting.

Increased Productivity

Automated construction toolset can create detailed framed stud walls, floor bearers and joists, roof structures, gutters, stairs, railings, cabinets, counter-tops and much more…


No more expensive subscriptions. ARCHLine.XP is tailored to small companies and sole traders. Want to do your own thing? Now you can.

Kitchen & Bathroom

Full functionality for specialised kitchen & bathroom design. Easy to learn, simple to implement. Easy cut list & quantities.

Interior Toolset

The #1 Software for Interior Design. Join the ranks of our award-winning interior designers & win more clients.

Easy to Learn

Simple tasks made simple. No more overcomplexity that ruins your productivity. Easy design tools at your fingertips.


Join our weekly webinars to stay up to date with our latest features, ask your questions and get direct feedback during the show. Let’s learn together.

Training Videos

With about 800 tutorial videos, tips and tricks at your disposal, you’ll be sure to find the answers you need for your design-related questions.


We provide online support with every perpetual license. Got stuck with a challenging desing task? Reach out to our staff.


In need of further tutoring? Discover our ready-made workshops, or hire a tutor to attend your needs.

What are you waiting for?

ARCHLine.XP likely presents the opportunity to significantly increase efficiency and therefore the profitability of your company. All for just a few days’ training. Get over that first roadblock – the sooner you start the sooner you’ll see the benefits.

We are confident in the capabilities of ARCHLine.XP to outperform its competitors. Spending more time on design and less time on overly comlex and outdated tools and expensive subscriptions is bound to leave you more productive and with more time on your hands.

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