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With our partners, our goal is to promote education and new technology in the sphere of kitchen & bathroom design, architecture, interior design and cabinetry-making.

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Gabor Scholtz, Architect

During the design process, we use ARCHLine.XP to do the implementation budgeting whenever the drafts are modified, this way the budget can be tracked from the get-go, and I firmly believe that this is the reason why more than 200 houses I have planned have all been built, too.

*Architect – Residential Design

Nicholas Sunderland, NS Interiors

I have used the software since 2009 and over the years has helped win some very important clients. It allows me to present my work in a very high standard, easily and efficiently. The Cadline team is also there to support me creating High Res CGI when my time is limited. The quality is exceptional and I cannot recommend this enough and I am happy to discuss with anyone who wishes to know more. My recent presentations at Grand Designs featured the latest designs using Cadline and was applauded in its detail. Many thought they were photographs of the project!

*Award-Winning Designer

Monika Bona, Bomo Interiors

The idea to design something for ourselves was very intriguing. As we are about to start our own family, it was much fun to play with the idea of imagining our future home. I have prepared the documentation – demolition, construction, suspended ceiling, electrical plans, wall elevations and mood boards with ARCHLine.XP, a platform I got to know around the beginning of this year, and which I have been using for my work ever since. Before I used to draw by hand, which was very time consuming, but ever since I started using this software, my work has become much faster and far more accurate!

*Award-Winning Designer

Krisztina Szilaguine, Kristina Art Interiors

In 2017, I graduated from the School of Interior Design with praise from my teacher and president, and passed the Basic ARCHLine.XP Design Exam, which was complemented by advanced design knowledge. All this is very important to me, because this way I can meet all the needs of the customers. I am a perfectionist, I like high quality furniture, I like to design for the long term!

*Award-Winning Designer

Ellie Hughes, Designer Touches

We use ARCHLine.XP for every project and all our clients see the benefits. I believe it has been a good investment for our company… it enabled us to show our clients the difference it would make!

*Award-Winning Designer

Doro Judit, Doro Judit Design Studio

I quickly found that it was extremely user friendly and a joy to learn but also because it comes with a built in facility to easily create exceptionally good renders, you can quickly see your ideas come to life! ARCHLineXP’s amazing features have totally transformed our business and would likely continue to bring new opportunities.

*Award-Winning Designer

Hendrik Boshoff, Student

ARCHLine.XP has certainly made a lot of things easier for me. For example, if you want to design a kitchen, there’s a tool for that; if you want to do a bathroom fit-out there’s a tool for that; and the stair, railing and roof tool are also incredibly useful. It has allowed me to add a higher level of detail that I wouldn’t otherwise be able to add in other CAD programs. It’s both a great architecture and interior design tool.

*Architecture (Honours Student)


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