A New Standard in Architectural and Interior Design Innovation

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If you’ve spent much time in the design world you’ll know that some design firms actively encourage collaboration and innovation between different types of designers in-house to streamline their projects.

KOSMO, a project management company in France, encompasses every aspect of design from architecture, renovations and extensions to structural design and interior design. Their unique specialty is in custom timber-frame homes that are well-suited to their owners. Their homes are systematically designed in collaboration with their interior designers at K-Deco to provide their clients with a greater user experience. 

The Team

Amandine LEBLANC – AL interior architecture – Albi (81)

“Interior designer since 2010, I am above all a passion for spaces. I dissect and see a real logic in the distribution of places. Add to that a touch of creativity, I used to get out of the frame and break the codes. I like what is timeless.

I have a love for old stone but I am however very attentive to my customers whether they have tastes that are directed towards the old or the contemporary … I try to best meet their requirements.

Curious and constantly on the lookout, I go back regularly to Paris, in search of new trends and inspirations.

When Matthieu Pello contacted me to be part of the KOSMO adventure, I did not hesitate. Combining the technical knowledge of this wood engineer with the creativity and good vision of the volumes of an interior designer is an innovative and very effective solution. Our integration into the thinking processes, innovations and artistic line of the company, also allowed us to feel truly integrated into the KOSMO team!”

Marine RIOM – KRMA architecture – Toulouse (31)

“Passionate state graduate architect, I love art in all its forms and places that tell a story. I like to mix styles, to dare associations and to compare eras.
It was in the Toulouse school of architecture that I acquired the basics of architecture, volumes and spaces for 5 years. I have assimilated different techniques of construction, drawing, and representation.

I am motivated by the idea of ​​offering you the best possible space. I create with you a new harmonious environment, with an atmosphere and character by materializing your desires and by structuring the volumes by light, material, color and furniture.

My priority is to start from your needs, your desires and your tastes so that your project best expresses your identity; Let it be in perfect correlation with your lifestyle, with the potential of the “place” and adapted to the allocated budget.

Joining KOSMO is a great adventure allowing me to build or renovate in ways other than totally conventional and to respond to thermal, health and environmental performance emergencies. But it is also an opportunity to share knowledge between professionals and to enrich and develop our respective skills in order to put them at the service of your project.”

KOSMO recently chose to go on ARCHLine for all his design projects. In this new video, you’ll get to know Matthieu Pello, founder and CEO of KOSMO, and discover what drove him to choose ARCHLine.XP.

Sustainable Design & Design Variations

In respect of environmental design practices, KOSMO makes a strong commitment to “new constructions” activities, to only design homes or buildings with a wooden structure (timber-framed and CLT). Each home is offered in different variations so that clients can choose which variation best suits their style and needs. In addition, the use of bio-based insulation and the design of breathable parts is standardized in all their environmental approach.

Their conceptual underpinning of all their projects is developed around the idea that a client must be able to completely project himself into his future habitat, right from the initial design of the project. Typically, the cost of everything from renovations and extensions to interior design, and spatial and volume optimisation and construction is quite expensive.

Thus, KOSMO presents an opportunity to harmoniously integrate all these services without additional cost to the client. KOSMO also directly involves their interior design department, K-Deco, throughout their projects. This ensures that additional value is provided with their services, helping them stand out in the marketplace, as well as creating an optimised workflow.

They also decided to go even further for their customers by including 3D renderings and project decoration to help their clients project themselves into their dream homes.

For Australian design companies this approach could help. Architects and builders who get along together, whether they are working on a renovation, extension, addition or a new build, helps complete a custom home perfectly with fewer problems. Homeowners love that.

The architect’s main goal is to design something functional, ergonomic, comfortable, and beautiful, while the builder’s job is to build that design while using the right construction methods and keeping an eye on the budget. 

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