Architectural Features



Any type of wall can be modelled with ARCHLine.XP’s full support for composite walls, variable thickness, variable slope, differing materials, any shape. 



ARCHLine.XP Allows you to create detailed floor/wall connections as well as varying wall types. You can also decide how your floors and walls are bound and joined together. 


ARCHLine.XP allows you to create custom ceilings by automatically selecting rooms or by manually defining your ceiling. 

Roof Smart

ARCHLine.XP’s automatic roof tools are class leading and make it very easy to define both simple and complex roofs over any custom shape at any angle.

Teamwork Tool

The Teamwork Tool allows simultaneous access to a shared model through use of a central model. Every user can manage one working area in active state to which new elements are added.

Construction Documentation

A project may contain as many Layout sheets as you require. These may be static or dynamically linked to your 3D models so updates automatically happen to your 2D drawings as you model changes.


2D to 3D

Quickly turn DWG or PDF (vector) 2D drawings into 3D structures with a few simple clicks. This 2D to 3D tool quickly creates structures without much hassle.

Wall & Floor Construction

ARCHLine.XP includes a range of tools that allow you to create realistic structural connections, adjustable framed walls and bearer/joist floors.


Easily import point-cloud models of 3D objects, sites or scanned buildings into ARCHLine.XP to better visualise your designs and process them into a usable 3D model. 

Integrated Site Design

The Site Design tool allows you to work with site survey data and process different types of site terrains. ARCHLine.XP is also integrated with Google Maps and allows you to import terrain data based on the geolocation of your site. 

Stair Master

There are no stair designs that can’t be achieved in ARCHLineXP and we make the process as simple and straightforward as possible. This comprehensive and flexible tool can help you create any type of stairs.

Doors & Windows

ARCHLine.XP lets you model intricate shapes and allows you to create create customized openings, insert, modify, position, resize, copy openings in your design.


ARCHLine.XP allows you to do quickly set up rules to automatically dimension your entire drawing. This tool is great in that it allows you to speed up your design and documentation process.


Layer filters and variations are great tools for quick and more efficient layer management to help make your model more organised. You can easily group building elements or objects into specific layers that you can hide/unhide.

VR Walkthroughs

With the Panorama 360 tools, you can create a virtual tour which is compatible on your screen, monitors and VR glasses. 

Brise Soleil

The Brise Soleils are ready to be used as 3 separate tools in ARCHLine.XP – namely, horizontal, vertical and custom parametric shading devices. 

Built-In Render Machine

The ITC Thea® Render Edition was created especially for users of ARCHLine.XP and can help you render realistic visuals.

3D Warehouse Integration

ARCHLine.XP also connects directly to 3D Warehouse. This allows user-generated 3D models to be pulled directly into an ARCHLine.XP model without the need to convert files through external programs.

BIM Libraries

ARCHLine.XP connects directly to BIM libraries such as BIMobject® and Cadenas® . This allows user-generated 3D models to be pulled directly into an ARCHLine.XP model without much hassle, as the program is optimised for this capability. 

BIM Capable

ARCHLine.XP is an architectural design software equipped with a fully integrated Open BIM interface, providing the tools to create coordinated and computable building models. 

.IFC Import/Export

ARCHLine.XP offers a buildingSMART-certified IFC import and export, based on the IFC2x3-TC1 version to help you collaborate more efficiently with different consultants.

Design Phases

Using design phases you can separate the building construction into multi-phase design. Building renovation projects, or the project complexity often requires to separate in multiple phases.

Shadow Analysis

Shadow analysis tools help you understand the built environment better. You can adjust shadows to different times of the day, which helps you create more informed designs.



ARCHLine.XP allows you to quickly import site terrain as DWG, PDF or as a direct Google Maps Import and change contour distances and nodes with a few clicks.

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