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Introducing ARCHLine.XP LT

Architectural Modelling

Full Architectural modelling capablity. Essential tools such as walls, floors, windows, doors, roof, gutters, stairs and railings etc. included. 

2D Documentation

Full 2D documentation tools for drafting, plans, sections and elevations. Architectural drafting made simple and easy.



Get started for as little as $1495. Architectural CAD software, perfect for sole practitioners and small companies. Buy once, own forever.


Modelling with ARCHLine.XP LT

ARCHLine.XP LT™ software supports BIM (Building Information Modelling) workflows that let you visualise and communicate your designs more clearly in 2D and 3D for better project accuracy and efficiency. 

ARCHLine.XP LT™ includes parametric modelling elements such as layered walls, floors, ceilings, roofs, stairs, railings, ramps, windows and doors that enable effective coordination and change management. These relationships are managed within ARCHLine.XP LT™.

High-Quality 2D Documentation

Improve documentation with a co-ordinated model that automatically manages revisions to your building model throughout the design process. Construction documents derived from the model are higher quality, helping reduce the costs of changes and manual co-ordination. You can invest more time in designing, knowing that your documentation is co-ordinated and up to date.

ARCHLine.XP LT + Live Render Bundle

ARCHLine.XP LT and ARCHLine.XP LIVE – The perfect bundle.

Transform your 3D model from ARCHLine.XP LT to ARCHLine.XP LIVE and you can create high quality visualization images, videos and live walkthroughs. ARCHLine. XP LIVE enables architecture and interior spaces to be visualized in real time, simulating plants that move in the wind, waving water and other environmental features such as cloudy sky, sunset, people, vehicles etc.


Australian 2D/3D Template Pack

If you want to create professional drawings with ARCHLine.XP, the ARCHLine.XP Australian Template will save you a lot of time and make your life easier! Includes a full 2D construction drawing set and correct labelling conventions.

3D Australian CAD/BIM template includes full list of layered walls, floors, timber floors, hatches, columns and garage doors. We are always updating the content to make sure everything is up to date with Australian standards.

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