BIM Training

The IFC File Format

Learn how to use the IFC (Industry Fundation Classes) file format for model transfer and communication with other software or co-designers

How to Import BIM Objects Directly From Revit Family Files

In this tutorial you will learn about importing Revit family files ( .RFA) into ARCHLine.XP and then turn them into Door items in the ARCHLine.XP BIM software for architects and interior designers. One of the world’s largest library of BIM elements is You can download and import directly from into ARCHLine.XP using the Revit (.RFA or .RVT) files more than 30,000 product families with 260,000 items

BIM Libraries

Connect to integrated BIM libraries to work with real-world manufacturer objects

Sketch Mode

Sketch mode is a new feature in ARCHLine.XP 2018. It enables you to edit and geometrically modify objects downloaded from different object libraries (e.g. : BIMobject, 3D Warehouse etc…) in a clean and empty environment independently from your current project

Download from BIM Libraries

In this video we talk about how to download from BIM libraries

BIM Parameters

Let’s talk about BIM parameters


The fundamentals of model exchange – how to pass on information, and how to use existing data

Use of IFC in Information Collaboration

We are going to talk about now is how to transfer the data from one workstation to the other

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