Carpentry Project: Start to Finish in 2 Weeks

ARCHLine.XP Helps Carpenters Visualise & Document Designs

Juraj Keckes (SK) talks about why he choose ARCHLine.XP for his carpentry business, and what he accomplished in the first two weeks of being a user.

Juraj uses ARCHLine.XP to acomplish the services that they provide, namely:

  • measurement
  • design
  • visualisation
  • lighting & wiring installation
  • built-in furniture
  • doorframe lining
  • assemblies
  • exteriors & doors
  • details, finishes and decorations
  • concealed installations 
  • staircases & handrails
  • linings of concrete stairs, self-supporting
  • manufacturing from continuous glued board

The fact that ARCHLine.XP is very quick to learn is illustrated by the case of Juraj Keckes, a carpenter from the Slovak Republic. He was looking for a powerful visualization tool, with which he can communicate his design ideas to his clients. He talks about his first project using ARCHLine.XP, illustrated by his very first renders! 

We have been involved with furniture design and manufacture for 11 years. The competition is tough, so we try to be different by always doing things a little bit better, aiming for higher quality as the rest. Together with my wife, we decided to bring our design efforts to a higher level, and we set out to look for a software product, which is dedicated for furniture design. We needed easy to use design tools, and a photorealistic render, preferably in the same package.
We came across ARCHLine.XP online. Downloaded a trial version, and saw that it fits what we needed. It took about 2 weeks to finish my very first project, together with some nice renders.
This project was the kitchen of the apartment of a young couple. The couple needed as much storage space as possible, with a breakfast corner, the chosen materials being a combination of high-gloss and matt.
In order to make the concept more homely, I picked a wooden pattern for the coverings, and for the hem, too. After finishing the kitchen, I went ahead and did some design on the livingroom, as well.
Juraj Keckes

About Their Work

Our goal is to meet customer requirements, from design to assembly, so that our cooperation leads to mutual satisfaction.

For every product we try to keep up with the times, use new technologies, use quality material.

In our joinery we strive for the widest range of products from interior to exterior.

Are you dreaming of a new kitchen or other interior?

We will design a concept using identical materials of your choice. You will see an accurate 3D visualization of how your new furniture will look.

We work with a professional graphics program. We will prepare a photorealistic visualization of the final designs in printed, bound form.

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Juraj Kečkéš

Juraj Kečkéš