Features ARCHLine.XP Revit ArchiCAD
Native dwg file format & editing
Geographic Location
XREF Compare
Built-In Teamwork Collaboration
Cloud Collaboration

Graphics Display Options

Features ARCHLine.XP Revit ArchiCAD
Background Colour Themes
Industry Standard Commands
Layer Manager
RCP vs. Floor Plan
Graphic Overrides for Phase Filters
Elements Display Options
View Templates

Architectural Tools

Features ARCHLine.XP Revit ArchiCAD
BIM Features
Smart Floor-Slab Connections
Smart Ceilings
Slanted Walls
BIM Object Import
Curtain Walls
Advanced Site Editing
Parametric Windows and Doors
Roof Construction Tool
Stairs and Railings
Parametric Framing
Parametric Gutters
Smart Objects
Parametric Kitchen Tool
Parametric Building & Stories
Parametric Interior Toolset
Soft Furnishings
Tiling Tool
Room Maker Tool
Parametric Interior Toolset
Parametric Slabs
Beams & Columns
Smart Ramps

Site Design Tools

Features ARCHLine.XP Revit ArchiCAD
Create Zones
DWG to Site Terrain
Site Terrain from Google Maps
Edit 3D Representation
Parametric AHD Modifier
Terrain by Contours
Edit Level Lines
Building Pad
Google Earth Compatibility
Elevation Information
Modify Terrain Nodes
Discontinuity Lines
Building Volumes

BIM Management

Features ARCHLine.XP Revit ArchiCAD
Import & Use Shared Parameters
Add BIM Parameters to Building Elements
IFC2x3 Interoperability
Quantity Take-Offs
Data Extraction
Schedules & Tags
Add BIM Parameters to Building Elements

3D Modeling Tools

Features ARCHLine.XP Revit ArchiCAD
Solid and Surface Modeling
Union, Subtract, Intersect, Interfere
Extrude, Revolve, Loft, Sweep
Fillet, Chamfer
3D Parameters, Constraints
Extrude, Push/Pull
3D Workplanes

Drawing Tools

Features ARCHLine.XP Revit ArchiCAD
Line, Polyline, 3D Polyline, Spline, Ray, Xline
Trim, Extend, Lengthen, Break, Join
Circle, Arc, Ellipse, Eliptical Arc
Polygon, Rectangle, Region, Donut, Point
CAD Block Editor

Annotation Tools

Features ARCHLine.XP Revit ArchiCAD
Dynamic Titleblocks
Dynamic Schedules
Automatic Dimensioning
Dimension Styles
Multi-leaders, Multi-leader Styles
Single and Multi-line text, Text Styles, Text Editor
Hatches, Gradients, Hatch & Gradient Editor
Revision Clouds
Tables, Table Styles
Excel Import/Export
Annotation Scaling
Plans, Elevations, Sections
Automatic Interior Elevations
Instant Profile Selector
Structural Grids

Reference Tools

Features ARCHLine.XP Revit ArchiCAD
Blocks, Block Editor
Dwg (Xref) Attach, Clip, Bind, Edit
PDF Attach, Clip
Image Attach, Clip, Adjust, Transparency
Point Cloud Preprocess, Attach, Crop, Colormap

Visualisation Tools

Features ARCHLine.XP Revit ArchiCAD
Layers and Layer States
Visual Styles
View Cube
Perspective Editing
Sun Properties
Walkthrough Navigation
VR Walkthroughs
360 Panoramas
HDRi Maps

Import, Export, Output

Features ARCHLine.XP Revit ArchiCAD
Publish/Batch Plot
Printer Configuration
Named Page Setups
IFC2x3, Import, Export
AtuoCAD DXF, DWG, FBX, Import, Export
Revit, Import
GBXML, Export
Autodesk Maya, Export
Point Cloud, E57, PLY, Import
SketchUp, Import, Export
3D Studio Max, Import, Export
OBJ Import, Export
Luxology Modo, Import, Export
Google Earth, KMX, Import, Export
Collada, DAE, Import
STL, Export
VRML, Export
Artlantis, Export
Indigo Renderer, IGS, Export
Thea Render, XML, Export
Cinema 4D, Export
PNG, BMP, JPG, Import, Export
Adobe PDF, Import, Export
Excel, XLS, Import Export
BIM Objects, Import Export
OBJ Import, Export


Features ARCHLine.XP Revit ArchiCAD
Payment Plan
Affordable Starter
Volume (Perpetual)

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