Australian/NZ Template Pack

*Works with both ARCHLine.XP Pro & ARCHLine.XP LT

ARCHLine.XP Australian/NZ Template 

Create professional drawings with ARCHLine.XP right from the start with the Australian Template.

see template installation instructions



What You Get

  • 21 Full drawing sheets (Layouts) to Australian/NZ standards in naming convention
  • Landscape page layouts
  • 2 professional Title-block options (Stamps)
  • Smart Labelling, autofill title-blocks
  • 2D groups (view title, title-blocks, drawing list)
  • Customizable BIM Parameters
  • Pre-Set Australian/NZ Plan views, Section views, Elevation views
  • 36 Australian/NZ wall types from block walls, brick walls and brick veneer to concrete panel walls
  • Australian/NZ slabs (100, 150, 200, 300mm slab with finishes)
  • Timber floor types with joists and bearers
  • Columns (basic range)
  • Steel-Line® garage doors
  • Building levels pre-set with constraints


The Templates are easily customisable so you can adapt them to suit your style & needs but serve as a great starting point for the majority of users in this part of the world.

Quick Template Installation Guide

*Works with both ARCHLine.XP Pro & ARCHLine.XP LT

Detailed Template User Guide

How to install, use and edit the templates.

*Works with both ARCHLine.XP Pro & ARCHLine.XP LT