ARCHLine.XP for Interior Design

ARCHLine.XP is the modern BIM/CAD alternative for 2D & 3D design that works the way Interior Designers and Architects think.
Available as a perpetual license that you buy once and own forever. 

A Simple CAD/BIM Interface With Smart Tools

Interior designers can benefit from a full set of 3D tools for kitchen fit outs, bathroom fit outs, skirtings and cornices, lighting, furniture, cabinets, tiling, stairs, materials and more. Working in 2D and 3D at once also comes with many perks!


2D-3D Workflow

Simple navigation that lets you smoothly switch between 2D and 3D or work with both views simultaneously. Working in 2D and 3D at once allows great design freedom and ‘out of the box’ creativity.

Room Maker

Now interior designers can explore the full extent of room design using real walls, ceilings, windows, finishes and fixtures to help maintain more coherence in the design. From a ‘real-person’ perspective you can edit furniture and objects, and automatically create interior elevations and plans.

3D Warehouse Link

Direct Link with 3D Warehouse. Download thousands of 3D models directly from the world’s  largest 3D model library, including furniture, decorative items and manufacturer content. 

Use Real Tangible Products

Direct link with BimObject®, Cadenas®, Syncronia® and ARCHLine.XP Showroom®. This means you can use real tangible manufacturer products in your designs. 

Applications Integrated with ARCHLine.XP

BIM Content Library

3D Warehouse Content

Cadenas BIM Library

Google Maps Terrain Import

Synchronia BIM Library

Full Electrical, MEP & Lighting Toolbox

An entire electrical & lighting toolbox at your fingertips means more time saved manually modelling and editing in 2D by simply dragging and dropping switches, lights, lamps, led strips and connections onto your plan.

Built-In Rendering

The Perfect Tool for Interior Designers

Your Complete ARCHLine.XP Architecture & Interior Design Toolbox:

  • Smart Building Components
  • Automatic Interior Elevations
  • Smart Room Area & Volume Calculation
  • Easy Quantity Takeoffs (to Excel)
  • Window & Door Wizard
  • Custom Roof Wizard
  • Stair Wizard
  • One-Click Kitchen Tool
  • Railing Tool
  • MEP Toolbox
  • Electrical & Mechanical MEP
  • Industry-Standard 2D Drafting Tools
  • Automatic Dimensions (All Walls)
  • Instant Section & Elevation Tool
  • Updated Details
  • Automatically Filled-In Titleblocks
  • Project BIM Parameters
  • IFC 2×3 buildingSmart Certified
  • File Compatibility: dwg, dxf, fbx, obj, rfa, rvt, skp, ifc, 3ds
  • Schedules & Automatic Consignation Sheets
  • 3D Warehouse Link
  • Bim Objects® Link
  • Cadenas® Link
  • Syncronia® Link
  • ARCHLine.XP Showroom® Link
  • Google Maps Terrain Import
  • Google Drive File Sharing
  • Point-Cloud Import Tool
  • Use manufacturer content

3D Modelling &      2D Documentation at Your Fingertips

Accelerate your production with ARCHLine.XP Pro today.

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