Interior design

A Minimal interior can change the game

A poorly managed presentation can undermine a thoughtful, technically and carefully designed plan, while beautifully executed visuals can make all the difference.

Use the architectural floorplans, sections, and wall views to aid your work. When it comes to presentation to your clients, rely on our photorealistic renders, mood boards, or even allow your client to enter the plan, with the aid of our 360 VR panoramic view.

Interior design at your fingertips

ARCHLine.XP is filled with strong features for interior designers to help them visualise and communicate their ideas in a client friendly 3D environment.

No previous CAD experience is required, allowing interior designers to create their own designs or amend existing plans.

Produce scaled plans, elevations suitable together with stunning 3D visuals and 360 panorama virtual home you can walk-through. An easy-to-learn, easy to use, fast and accurate software paired with a fair pricing model.

We Help Make Interiors Exceptional

ARCHLine.XP comes with a set of unique interior tools to help you easily turn your concept into a reality. Our Room Maker tool, Kitchen Tool, Cabinet Tool, Furniture Creator and Tiling Toolsets allow you to create finer interior details that are difficult to achieve with other CAD software.

With just a few clicks you can have your interior looking stunning in no time!

Compatibility & Collaboration

ARCHLine.XP embraces Revit® and IFC® file exchange to allow a seamless workflow when importing models or leveraging the extensive BIM model libraries found online. It works too with SketchUp® files for direct use in and out of your project.

ARCHLine.XP is buildingSMART® certified to provide unrivaled collaboration and mark the end of project misinterpretation and data loss.

Even if you’re still using traditional CAD software like AutoCAD® or Vectorworks® you’ll remain compatible with DWG file support too. ARCHLine.XP can even assist you to convert 2D DWG files into smart 3D models.

Learn fast

Online training, complete with ‘how-to’ videos, guide you through each phase of learning the software. It provides an easy-to-follow learning experience covering everything from navigating the menu to customising your title sheet.

You get full support from our dedicated team whilst you’re learning to make the ‘ARCHLine.XPerience’ smooth and effective.

Learning material is supplied completely free of charge so you can get started using the trial download and online videos without wasting time or spending a cent.


Users upgrading from their current CAD software typically find ARCHLine.XP’s methods and menus very familiar and easy to adopt. This makes the transition to ARCHLine.XP from other products very fast. For those who are completely new to CAD you’ll benefit immensely by not having to unlearn anything in order to adopt new methods.

Either way, our job is to help you get the most from your software as quickly and easily as possible. Why not give it a go?

Get Started Today

ARCHLine.XP likely presents the opportunity to significantly increase efficiency and therefore the profitability of your company. All for just a few days' training. Get over that first roadblock - the sooner you start the sooner you'll see the benefits.

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