18 Luxury Living Room Ideas & What You Can Learn From Them

The idea of a luxury living room can look very different in the imagination of one person to the next. Perhaps you might see a traditional room decorated with boiserie, chandeliers, tufted settees and heavy swag curtains, or maybe your dream luxury lounge is a modern space surrounded by huge expanses of glass, with linear sofas and beautiful accent chairs. Whatever your ideal room might be, we have something here in this collection of luxury living room ideas to suit every taste and room size. Explore a massive array of perfected layouts, high-end decor ideas, gorgeous lighting designs, stunning furniture and sumptuous curtains along with some breathtaking architectural features.

Open Up the Ceiling Space

Design a luxury feature wall into your scheme. This towering wall of quartzite that reachers all the way up to the rafters makes a stunning focal point in an open plan room. With a minimum amount of elements obstructing the roof and ceiling, this seems much larger.

Image Credit: MOPS Studio & ONI Render

Use a Metallic Theme

Look marvellous with metallics. This mid century modern coffee table trio brings a lavish golden sheen to the scheme. Two dining room pendant lights continue the metallic theme behind the sofa.

Image Credit: KUDO Architects

Illuminate Special Features

Illuminate special features. If you’re going to go to the lengths of great interior design, then every standout piece should have its own moment in the spotlight. These unique mesh-like columns are lit from above, whilst uplighting illuminates the sleek modern staircase design.

Image Credit: Shamsudin Kerimov

Create a Cohesive Colour Plan

Consider a sophisticated neutral base that can be freshened with a colourful rug, cushions and accent furniture like in this grey living room. Just a little colour that adds to the space is a great idea, but too much will distract from the overall design. Although this design seems fairly neutral and void, a bit of colour can add personality.

Image Credit: Roman Kolyade

Use Deep Colours to Create Drama

Deep colour creates drama. This shadowy feature wall is matched by two accent chairs in the same shade, but golden yellow cushions and ambient lighting lift and enrich the look. Some ambient lighting to create accents and draw your attention work great with darker colours. Be subtle with dark colours though, because too much can overwhelm.

Image Credit: LUSUS Studio

Use Pink and Monochrome

The marvels of monochrome. Whether your living room is large or small, a monochrome scheme always delivers a chic cool and collected result. Pink is not for everyone, but used in the right context can be spectacular. 

Image Credit: ArtPartner

Create a Relaxed Mood

It’s all about the sofa. The sofa will always dominate any living room, in the same way that a bed is the protagonist of a bedroom design story. Even the floor-hugging unassuming sofa design in this space is still the piece that sets the tone. It sets the mood as a relaxed and social space for cocktail parties.

Image Credit: Z Design

Create a Focal Point

Build a true focal point to create more intrigue. Forget making the tv the focal point of the lounge – we all get too much screen time on our laptops, tablets and phones as it is. Instead, create a display of things that actually mean something to you on some unique wall shelves. Then, light them up.

Image Credit: Abdallah Gad

Introduce A Fireplace & Water Feature

Not everyone will have the architectural freedom that a conversation pit like this requires, but we can take inspiration from the central fireplace to gather around like a campfire. While this is only a design for expensive tastes, you can use natural features like a water feature or a fireplace to create a connection with the outdoors. 

Image Credit: Naira Omar

Open Up Your Living Room

Double the height, double the decor. Don’t cut double height living rooms in half by limiting a special decor feature to ground level – especially spaces that incorporate a mezzanine level. Stretch it out and open up your space to the rest of the house.

Image Credit: Tam Vo

Build False Walls to Accommodate New Needs

Bespoke storage furniture can be built to appear as part of the wall, offering recessed nooks to display treasured items. This room also features a constructed tv wall over part of the huge windows. This space benefits from a large void space as well as an abudnance of light access. 

Image Credit: Yaroslav Serdyuk

Connect Your Space With the Outdoors

Connect with the great outdoors – whether that’s a garden or a balcony and expose your clients to incredible views. If your living room makeover is set to stretch as far as architectural remodelling, a retractable glass wall is a great way to blow the budget.

Image Credit: The Pinnacle List

Choose Quality Furniture

Choose larger quality furniture pieces that fill the space properly, rather than a clutter of smaller cheaper items. Larger funiture pieces that fit with your space and theme will work well. You can also continue with the same tiles to your ourdoors areas to blend outdoor and indoor spaces into a single space.

Go for an Industrial Concrete Look

Believe it or not, concrete living rooms can spell luxury too. Use sumptuous sofas and comfy accent chairs to balance the industrial look. A minimal concrete wall can contrast beautifully with a view of the garden and some dark oak or timber flooring to make the space more natural. 

Image Credit: B&B Italia

Be Generous with Wood Panelling

A pale room palette can be warmed with generous natural wood panelling. The walls look rich and elegant. Decorative wooden panels such as veneers will display the natural beauty of wood. Wood panels also offer a clean and smooth surface that makes your home more inviting and coupled with amazing views, you can’t go wrong. 

Image Credit: Diego Quero

Prioritise Texture, Colour and Light

Prioritise texture, colour and light. The scale of this luxury industrial living room is awesome, and it would be easy for a space of this scale to appear cold and unwelcoming. Raw red brickwork and glowy lighting extend a warm invitation.

Image Credit: Morat Morat

Tile With Magnificent Marble

Marble is an excellent option both for interior floors or walls. However, it is best to use it only on one of the two. If used both on floors and walls the space can end up looking too cold. Marble floor tiles add a stylish touch into any space especially when combined with other modern materials.

Image Credit: Lorenzo Pennati

Decor is Art

Use feature lights and wall panels to create interesting forms ti give your space an artistic flair. Forms can be created by combining two or more shapes and can be accentuated with the help of other elements like texture, patterns and colors. A well-defined form establishes harmony and additional forms add balance to the space.

Image Credit: Alessandro Zecca

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