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Nicholas Sunderland is an award winning high-end luxury Interior Designer in London and the South East specialising in high-end luxury bespoke interiors and renovations for private clients in London, throughout the UK and abroad.

NSI is one of the Leading High-End Interior Design Companies in London and was established by the award winning interior designer Nicholas Sunderland. He has worked as an interior designer in London for more than 17 years creating stunning high-end interiors for both residential and commercial clients. Bespoke Interiors and full renovations are managed with ease.

Equally projects of more modest budgets are dealt with in the same standard but tailored your individual brief and target funding. Nothing is too small so please get in touch to discuss.

He was recently awarded Best Luxury Residential Interior Design Company in London by his Peers and awarded Most Innovative UK Luxury Residential Project In Kensington West.

Finalist in SBID International Excellence awards 2014/15/16

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Chiswick Apartments

In January 2016 I was thrown into the task of creating designs for 6 apartments in Chiswick for our sister company Edward Sunderland Ltd, of  which I’m creative director.

Simple, perhaps, but complex, as we were also adapting and designing the building at the same time. 6 kitchens, 11 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms and 6 open plan living spaces all needed to be designed individually to enable purchasers to see the  potential in each apartment.

I needed floor plans, room data sheets, 3D views as well as high resolution CGI images of each room I use a software called ARCHLine.XP from CadLine Ltd., on all my projects, and to various degrees of finish, some simple some complex, but these needed to be so much better. There was only one way to do this in the time, Call CadLine and order a CGI service!

It was to be 6 months work.
For a better understanding of how  this could be done, I needed the experts.
Erika Harosi, Sales and Product manager of CadLine Ltd. came to my aid once again, and we worked out a detailed programme on how this would work for both of us. I needed to design each room individually, creating mood boards, choosing fabrics, furniture styles lighting wall coverings, and create folders of each of these items. The mood board presented the layout, and a document listing each item and its web link was created, providing as much information as possible was crucial, and being adaptable was necessary! 

With Erika based in Budapest Skype played a crucial role in its progress, and we would often be chatting, sharing screens reviewing and changing late into the evening.

The apartments were on 3 floors, 2 on each so we worked from the ground upwards, using DWG files from our architects the floors were created, and at the same time the 3D model was built, it’s an ingenious piece of software. Erika worked tirelessly, and not for the first time, I use this service regularly, and the first floor started to appear. Once I was happy with each room, the 3D was signed off, and it was then handed over to Kristina Harosi to convert the drawings into Hi Res CGI, adding further nuances and details to the images. It was a collaboration that in my opinion produced exceptional work.

Over  the next few months we worked through each room in each apartment getting ready for marketing, sales and of course website promotions. By the end of CadLine Ltd. had created dozens of drawings, elevations, and projections as well as over 50 CGI renditions each of which took 8 hours to process such was the detail. It was by far the largest project we have done together and not only did it run smoothly and on schedule, but the finished results were beyond our expectations. Posting on sales agents websites was the aim to sell off plan, as the building will only start to appear in August.

Meet Their Team

Nicholas Sunderland is an international multi award winning interior designer in London and has over 35 years of experience in Design and Interior Design working with some of the most prominent people in the World. As well as working extensively in the UK, his private commissions have taken him to New York, Dubai, Asia and the Far East for Diplomats, VIPs and Presidents.

Always working to budgets and briefs requiring lateral thinking Nicholas mixes styles and character into his designs showing clients how to go beyond their vision to create stunning homes the media clamour to showcase.

Nicholas is an official presenter for Grand Designs Live and has given inspirational Interior Design lectures to Forums, Universities, Business Leaders, students and members of the public across the world.  His commercial experience covers Advertising Agencies, Charities, Barristers Chambers and sales environments.

Nicholas is also head of design for property development company, Edward Sunderland Ltd, turning dreams into reality for discerning clients who seek the best their money can buy. These uniquely personal homes are beautiful and functional and focus on Architectural Design  delivering attractive living spaces with bespoke interiors spaces, incorporating high technology and leading edge design.

Gilly Craft, Managing Director and lead designer, trained at the Regent Academy in London where she graduated with a Distinction. Gilly founded Koubou Interiors in 2004 previously having tutored at her local college in Interior Design. Gilly has joined with Nicholas Sunderland interiors to create a new team of hotel designers. Her knowledge of commercial and our experience in residential perfectly merge.

Gilly understands the importance of getting to know her clients and taking the time to understand their brief, this enables her to focus on each design individually, ensuring that a client’s likes and dislikes, along with the functionality of the space are fully taken into account.

By working closely with her team of highly skilled and qualified designers Gilly is able to manage every aspect of the design process, taking a project through from the initial design concept to completion.

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