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Meet The Architect: Gabor Scholtz

Gabor’s Unique Experience and expertise

Gabor Scholtz architect, ARCHLine.XP user talks about his profession and passion – creating the living environment of families. Read his thoughts on the challanges of his profession, and take a look at his gallery of amazing projects.

“When building a house, it’s not worth calculating a huge floor space.
In huge spaces, the family is scattered and intimacy is lost.”


“I get the feeling quite often that I have the most beautiful and amazing job in the world, because it is an uplifting feeling to design the living environment of a family. I did not use the expression „house” on purpose, I’d rather call it environment, which entails the house just as much as its effect on nature, the neighborhood, the living tissue of the settlement itself, or on the people who live in it. The architect, therefore, can simultaneously be a creative artist, and an engineer who seeks logical solutions.

This complexity leaks into the whole design process. One has to see the plan being realized even when the first sketch is drawn, the concept art is made, and the client’s needs, habits, built and natural environment have to be kept in sight, too.

During the design process, we do the implementation budgeting whenever the drafts are modified, this way the budget can be tracked from the get-go, and I firmly believe that this is the reason why the more than 200 houses I have planned have all been built, too.

My houses give out an air of modernity, clarity, show the fresh thoughts of the 21st century. They are very homely, while being lightly elegant, and I am convinced that they will stay relevant for a long time as far as their forms and architectural aspects are concerned.”

Gabor Scholtz
+36 20 582 2336

About Gabor’s Work

The unique architectural designs are made by our architectural firm headed by Gábor Scholtz, a certified architect who has designed more than 250 detached houses in many locations throughout the country , so we have extensive experience in different
building authority requirements for each city.

In addition to licensing plans, we also work on detailed construction and engineering designs.

Our goal is to fully satisfy the needs of our customers in order to create a harmonious, loving home that complies with everyday practice .

Our design tariff is fixed square meter, we calculate HUF 6,500 for every square meter. If you sign a construction contract with us, the design fee will be completely released ! The discount applies to the design (architectural) design documentation, not to the discipline design fee!

You can find our publications in professional magazines here!

For those who want to design their first home, here are some of the stages of home design:

1. First conciliation meeting
Capturing client data, discussing site and building features, ideas, ideas

2. Quotation
Thanks to our fixed prices, regardless of the nature of the building 6.500.- HUF / gross m 2

3. Design Contract
Contract conclusion. Deadline for work and payment rate.

4. Sketch plan (M = 1: 100)
Presentation of floor plans and exterior designs. Continuous handling of change requests. If the final sketch design is accepted, 50% of the total design fee is due.

5. Uploading Documents Uploading
the approved design documentation approved by Customer’s signature to the electronic system. Second installment billing (50% remaining).

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