International Design & Architecture Awards Shortlist 2019

Unique Workspace Layouts

Zsuzsanna Vegvari works for the OFFISEVEN workspace consultancy firm, she plans the remodeling and redesigning of office spaces.  As part of her project below, the office of a Budapest-based IT company had to be reshaped and rethought.

The total area is 453 m2, which includes 2 large meeting rooms, 19 smaller offices, kitchenette, washrooms, and storage facilities, which all open from one, long corridor. The rooms had been renovated more than 5 years ago.

Things I considered:

1) We needed to create office spaces, which are ergonomic, convenient, and have a unified furniture and design scheme.

2) The function of some rooms had to be changed, so that communication and cooperation between co-workers would be easier more efficient.

3) In order to create a spacious, convenient room for a kitchen/eatery, the dispatcher’s office and the current kitchen had to switch places.

4) The design of the corridor walls were to reflect the company’s most recent products and services.

5) Storage cabinets had to be added to certain rooms, in order to keep the offices organized and to ensure that work is done efficiently.

After an initial survey conducted with the employees, it turned out that their majority is quite against the open-office layout, and management took this into consideration

As a result, we did not touch the original layout, so we kept the form that offices with 1-4 workstations open from a single corridor. The function of some of the rooms was changed though, and a new, spacious kitchen with an eatery for 6 was realized, combined with recreational rooms, where darts board, foosball table, and a pinball machine will be installed to help employees relax. We also created a separate office with kitchenette for the dispatcher.

The rooms got their own new design, taking into consideration the taste and requirements of those, who work in them. Everything got customized. Another spectacular aspect of the new design was the corridor, which now looks like a road, and the products of the company are painted on the walls graffiti-style, emphasized with LED lighting so that the arriving guests and clients will instantly see what the company does.

The resulting design airs youth, flexibility, freshness, which are crucial messages for an IT company to communicate to its clients.

Zsuzsanna Vegvari



About Thier Work

1. Company-specific work environment

The working environment of a company can be truly effective if it is fully customized. Helps the environment workflow. The office is for the company, for the colleagues, not the other way around.

Our method: We take into account corporate culture, working styles, demographics, organizational structure, employee habits, and of course, needs. We make suggestions to create more efficient, comfortable offices for different companies.

2. Satisfaction and Demand Assessment

Are you sure your employees are satisfied with their work environment? Are they performing well in the current environment? Unfortunately, only 25% of employees are satisfied with their working environment!

Our method: Through personal interviews and questionnaires, we collect information about our current work schedule, how colleagues perceive the current office environment, and how they see themselves working in the future. In addition, we get to know the commuting habits of colleagues, their storage needs, the type of work they do, the degree of flexibility, concentration, and so on. required.

3. Workspace organization

Not sure how to set up your new office? How do your colleagues sit and with whom? Would it be important for them to cooperate, but still be effective?

When designing workspaces, we take into account, with the agreement of our client, the needs of individual users, so that the rules of ergonomics are met; efficiency, flexibility, mobility, necessary co-operation, information flow.

We’ll do it!

4. Ergonomic aspects

According to a Microsoft survey, 85% of employees find their work environment uncomfortable! Does everyone at your company work comfortably? Absence / sick leave due to mental illness at work!

Our solution: Ergonomically screened workspaces. We examine the arrangement of equipment and devices from the point of view of ergonomics, and the relationship of colleagues with the physical environment. We use personal observation, a questionnaire survey to prepare our analysis. We will then make a proposal for an ergonomic workplace.

Be healthy workers!

5. Custom design / 3D visuals

Is it time to refresh your office? Could it be more inspiring? Do you rather lack some peace and order? Does this not reflect the corporate image or message?

Together with you, and even with colleagues, we design the design of your office. It should be comfortable and efficient, but also trendy. 3D rendering helps you imagine what it will be like.

You can have a trendy, “cool” office while still tailoring it to your company’s tastes and needs.

6. Well-being

Our company not only helps you with space planning and design, but also helps you to create a new working environment. We create a lively environment in which colleagues actually enjoy themselves. Proper humidity, temperature, air quality, use of alternative workstations, possible mobility, ergonomic furniture, healthy food, plants all contribute to our well-being at work and support efficient work.

Our solution: With the help of the MN6 Energy Agency , we will guide you through the WELL certification process and help you become a people-oriented WELL office.

7. Project Management of Implementation

Is implementation the most crappy part of it all? Who will do it? Who will check it?

Our solution: We manage the implementation process, help you choose and supervise the contractor.

Not only do we save you time, but you save a lot of nervousness, you can focus on your own work, and ours.

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