ARCHLine.XP Pricing

A permanent ‘lifetime’ license of the software can be purchased in 3 ways.

1. one single payment of $4,370+GST
2. two consecutive monthly payments of $2,403+GST
3. twelve consecutive monthly payments of $437+GST

There are no annual license fees – Once the license is fully paid, it is yours to keep and will run for as long as your operating system and computer support it.

Upgrades from one version to the next are offered at 1/4 the price of a new license.

A mobile license option (in the form of a USB Dongle that you can move from one machine to another) is $295 and can be added once you have fully paid for your license.

Prices shown are in Australian dollars. Add 10% GST for purchases within Australia.

Optional support subscription is available at $495 each year.

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