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It’s been thought that there is no other architectural modelling software out there as simple as Sketchup and as technical as Revit and ArchiCAD. Think again! ARCHLine.XP combines both worlds and presents a highly simplistic approach towards design that combines the conceptual with the tecnical.

What is archline.xp?

Simple, flexible, 3d architectural modelling software for design professionals. ARCHLine.XP contains fast, automated design tools tailored to small-medium residential and commercial projects. All-in-one toolset for architects, building designers, interior designers and kitchen & bathroom designers working as sole traders or in small companies. 

3D Modelling

Model with ease in a familiar 3D modelling environment to create walls, floors, windows, doors, roofs, cabinets, furniture, structural connections and more. 

2D Drafting

Create sections, 2D details, floor plans and elevations with a full set of 2D drafting tools. Better yet, work in 2D and 3D at the same time.

Architectural Documentation

ARCHLine.XP is a highly accurate and productive tool for architectural documentation and includes important features to quickly complete documents & plans for submission

3D Warehouse Link

Direct link to 3D Warehouse to download your favourite content directly into ARCHLine.XP. Create models in Sketchup and easily load them into ARCHLine.XP or vice versa.

Automated Design Tools

Automated design tools for small-medium scale projects. ARCHLine.XP specialises in creating detailed roofs, stairs, walls, floors, doors, windows, railings and cabinets. This results in huge improvements in productivity and higher RIO. 

Interior Design

Highly specific tools for interior design to create more advanced and beautiful fit-outs. No more manual modelling. Everything is automated, easy and simple to accomplish. Win new clients and show off your great ideas.

Generating New Ideas. Solving Big Problems

ARCHLine.XP combines the simplicity of Sketchup with the documentation capability of Revit. Easy design. Accurate modelling and documentation. Access the 3D Warehouse & BIM libraries.


Satisfied Clients

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Why we are different

Ever since 1991, ARCHLine.XP has been developing CAD/BIM software which has slowly started to become very popular among sole traders and small companies as an “indie” CAD/BIM software. ARCHLine.XP is appealing as a highly productive and affordable CAD modelling software for designers who can’t afford expensive ongoing subscriptions and who are looking for something different.

ARCHLine.XP is unique in its strong focus on the user and is constantly updating and evolving to meet modern market demands. Our software originally gained momentum in Italy where it was mainly used for renovations in historical buildings as well as modern buildings. Its interior design & architecture capability has come a long way since then.

creations from our users

ARCHLine.XP’s performance

ARCHLine.XP is a great all-in-one 3d modelling & CAD software that combines the best from key areas of the design process.
Quickly convert imported 2D drawings into intelligent 3D models using existing geometry in the drawing for accurate placement of walls, openings, roofs and other architectural elements. Easy.

Add precise annotations and dimensions to your documentation either manually or automatically. The unique automated routines save hours on every project.

Projects are delivered in BIM from concept stage to construction, to make sure you stay competitive in a rapidly changing market. Read files from other BIM software. Collaborate better with other co-designers via the RFA import and certified IFC import/export.

Connect to online databases for millions of real-life building elements, all for a more accurate design.

Wide array of file imports/exports: RFA and RVT (Import), IFC, SKP, DXF, DWG, PDF, OBJ, 3DS, JPG, TIFF, BMP, PNG, GBXML. 

Use Teamwork, dynamic drawing comparison and other team-focused features for better collaboration.

  • 3d modelling – 90%
  • design tools – 79%
  • drafting tools – 80%
  • BIM & IFC – 80%
  • Documentation – 77%
  • user interface – 85%
  • file compatibility – 90%
  • Collaboration – 81%

Used by award-winning designers

NATIONAL Style & Draw Interior Design Contest – 1st Place

The task at year’s Style & Draw Interior Design Competition was for designers to plan their own homes. Monika Bona, competed with an ARCHLine.XP-made plan, securing 1st place in a team with her husband Gergo Baranyi.

“We entered the Style & Draw interior design competition as a team with my husband, Gergo. I have been an interior designer for 8 years, he has been doing visual design for a year. The idea to design something for ourselves was very intriguing. As we are about to start our own family, it was much fun to play with the idea of imagining our future home.”

From Our Clients
ARCHLine.XP is used by award-winning designers across the globe who create highly unique and innovative designs. Our clients consistently complete high-quality projects and state that ARCHLine.XP significantly improved their level of productivity and allowed them to win more clients time and time again. 
“I have used the software since 2009 and over the years has helped win some very important clients. It allows me to present my work in a very high standard, easily and efficiently… My recent presentations at Grand Designs featured the latest designs using Cadline and was applauded in its detail. Many thought they were photographs of the project.”
Nicholas Sunderland

Interior Designer, NS Interiors

I get the feeling quite often that I have the most beautiful and amazing job in the world, because it is an uplifting feeling to design the living environment of a family. 

During the design process, we do the implementation budgeting whenever the drafts are modified, this way the budget can be tracked from the get-go, and I firmly believe that this is the reason why the more than 200 houses I have planned have all been built, too.”

Gabor Scholtz


Thanks to ARCHLine.XP and the rendering capabilities it enabled us to show our clients the difference it would make. We use ARCHLine.XP for every project and all our clients see the benefits. I believe it has been a good investment for our company.

By realising the project in 3D we were able to make additional suggestions to our client such as removing a stud wall on the landing to open up the space and bring more light into the area.”

Ellie Hughes

Project Manager, Designer Touches (Award-winning interior design firm)

“I think it’s quite a challenge for any designer to design their own homes, because the end result will reflect their own personality, style, values and professional skills. I dreamed up a home for our family, the space to which it’s a pleasure to return, and which can be a suitable meeting ground for friends and family alike.”
Krisztina Szilagyine

Interior Designer, Kriszta Art Interiors

What design field are you in?

Architecture & Building Design

Interior Design

Kitchen & Bathroom Design

Innovative & efficient 3D CAD BIM software for architecture, interior design and kitchen & bathroom design.

ARCHLine.XP’s rich tool-set is beyond that of other CAD software and caters to Architects, Building Designers, Interior Designers, Kitchen and Bathroom Designers, Stage and Set Designers, Floor Planners, Developers, Town Planners, Tilers, Cabinet Makers, Furniture Designers, Builders and more.