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Better and Easier CAD for Practical Designers

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The Ultimate Software from Sketch to BIM


Unlike other CAD software, ARCHLine.XP is made to help you navigate the process from concept, to fully coordinated BIM models, to construction documents in a very straightforward and simple fashion. 

Precision Drawing


Site Modeling

Easy BIM Management

Teamwork & Collaboration

Graphics & Presentation

Design it Simply. Document it Quickly.

ARCHLine.XP includes the most practical modelling and drafting features to help you maximise your productivity. Made with the fastest workflow in mind.

2D Documentation Like Nothing Else

Use automatic rule-based dimensioning to dimension entire drawings in a few clicks. Highly familiar AutoCAD-like drafting toolsets.

Simultaneous 2D/3D Workflow

Easy navigation that lets you smoothly switch between 2D and 3D or work with both views simultaneously. Tiled, tabbed or double window views.

Photorealistic Built-In Rendering

Create photorealistic visuals with Thea Render®, a fast and easy-to-use render-engine for architects and designers. 

Integrate with Applications You Know

BIMObject Library

SketchUp 3D Warehouse

Cadenas BIM Library

Google Maps Terrain

Synchronia BIM Library

Get the ARCHLine.XP Starter for 3 Months


3 Month License (ARCHLine.XP Pro)

More time to use and test the full ARCHLine.XP Pro version. Get ARCHLine.XP unrestricted software license and unlimited help from our support team.

Valued at $1,047


4 x Free Training Sessions

Complimentary one-on-one training sessions with your own CAD/BIM tutor who will get you up and running in no time. Training can be booked and completed from anywhere at any time.

Valued at $990


Discounted Purchase

Get 100% of your investment back as a discount when you purchase a lifetime license of ARCHLine.XP Pro within 90 days. Get ARCHLine.XP for $4995  $4,400 before your Starter period ends.

Valued at $595

Total Value: $2632

Get it today for only $595

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Why Everyone is Switching

Many CAD users across the globe are deciding to make the switch, because ARCHLine.XP is doing it better. ARCHLine.XP values user involvement in our product development roadmap, making us a clear winner when it comes to developing highly relevant tools for our users.

I switched from SketchUp

We were facing a lot of wasted time with SketchUp. A complex project took 4 to 5 days, and our objective is to reduce that time to 2 days at maximum – and ARCHLine.XP is completely answering our particular needs and requirements.

Mattheiu Pello

Project Manager, KOSMO, France

I was using ArchiCAD and Revit

As an architect, I started working with ArchiCAD 6.0, and later the office switched to Revit. I came across ARCHLine.XP in 2015, and I was quickly convinced that it is an easy to learn, full-fledged CAD-BIM program, which has no shortcomings compared to its competitors.

Jakob Judis

Architect, Norway

We switched from AutoCAD

We worked with AutoCAD software a lot so the transition to ARCHLine.XP was pretty easy because both are similar in the base understanding of design. But ARCHLine.XP offers you a much easier and customer friendly environment for 3D modeling in parallel with 2D design.

Antonis Kiritsis


Frequently Asked Questions

Compare Pricing: ARCHLine.XP vs. Revit vs. ArchiCAD

Pricing Plan ARCHLine.XP Pro Revit ArchiCAD
Perpetual License $4995 $10,000
Payment Plan $499/mo (12 months) $348/mo (36 months)
Rental (1 month) $349/mo $425/mo $349/mo
Rental (1 Year) *recurring $3,410 $2,791
Rental (3 Year) *recurring $9,205

Compare Features: ARCHLine.XP vs. Revit vs. ArchiCAD




Features ARCHLine.XP Revit ArchiCAD
Native dwg file format & editing
Geographic Location
XREF Compare
Built-In Teamwork Collaboration
Cloud Collaboration

Graphics Display Options

Features ARCHLine.XP Revit ArchiCAD
Background Colour Themes
Industry Standard Commands
Layer Manager
RCP vs. Floor Plan
Graphic Overrides for Phase Filters
Elements Display Options
View Templates

Architectural Tools

Features ARCHLine.XP Revit ArchiCAD
BIM Features
Smart Floor-Slab Connections
Smart Ceilings
Slanted Walls
BIM Object Import
Curtain Walls
Advanced Site Editing
Parametric Windows and Doors
Roof Construction Tool
Stairs and Railings
Parametric Framing
Parametric Gutters
Smart Objects
Parametric Kitchen Tool
Parametric Building & Stories
Parametric Interior Toolset
Soft Furnishings
Tiling Tool
Room Maker Tool
Parametric Interior Toolset
Parametric Slabs
Beams & Columns
Smart Ramps

Site Design Tools

Features ARCHLine.XP Revit ArchiCAD
Create Zones
DWG to Site Terrain
Site Terrain from Google Maps
Edit 3D Representation
Parametric AHD Modifier
Terrain by Contours
Edit Level Lines
Building Pad
Google Earth Compatibility
Elevation Information
Modify Terrain Nodes
Discontinuity Lines
Building Volumes

BIM Management

Features ARCHLine.XP Revit ArchiCAD
Import & Use Shared Parameters
Add BIM Parameters to Building Elements
IFC2x3 Interoperability
Quantity Take-Offs
Data Extraction
Schedules & Tags
Export/Import Excel BIM Data

3D Modeling Tools

Features ARCHLine.XP Revit ArchiCAD
Solid and Surface Modeling
Union, Subtract, Intersect, Interfere
Extrude, Revolve, Loft, Sweep
Fillet, Chamfer
3D Parameters, Constraints
Extrude, Push/Pull
3D Workplanes

Drawing Tools

Features ARCHLine.XP Revit ArchiCAD
Line, Polyline, 3D Polyline, Spline, Ray, Xline
Trim, Extend, Lengthen, Break, Join
Circle, Arc, Ellipse, Eliptical Arc
Polygon, Rectangle, Region, Donut, Point
CAD Block Editor

Annotation Tools

Features ARCHLine.XP Revit ArchiCAD
Dynamic Titleblocks
Dynamic Schedules
Automatic Dimensioning
Dimension Styles
Multi-leaders, Multi-leader Styles
Single and Multi-line text, Text Styles, Text Editor
Hatches, Gradients, Hatch & Gradient Editor
Revision Clouds
Tables, Table Styles
Excel Import/Export
Annotation Scaling
Plans, Elevations, Sections
Automatic Interior Elevations
Instant Profile Selector
Structural Grids

Reference Tools

Features ARCHLine.XP Revit ArchiCAD
Blocks, Block Editor
Dwg (Xref) Attach, Clip, Bind, Edit
PDF Attach, Clip
Image Attach, Clip, Adjust, Transparency
Point Cloud Preprocess, Attach, Crop, Colormap

Visualisation Tools

VR Walkthroughs

Features ARCHLine.XP Revit ArchiCAD
Layers and Layer States
Visual Styles
View Cube
Perspective Editing
Sun Properties
Walkthrough Navigation
360 Panoramas
HDRi Maps

Import, Export, Output

Features ARCHLine.XP Revit ArchiCAD
Publish/Batch Plot
Printer Configuration
Named Page Setups
IFC2x3, Import, Export
AtuoCAD DXF, DWG, FBX, Import, Export
Revit, Import
GBXML, Export
Autodesk Maya, Export
Point Cloud, E57, PLY, Import
SketchUp, Import, Export
3D Studio Max, Import, Export
OBJ Import, Export
Luxology Modo, Import, Export
Google Earth, KMX, Import, Export
Collada, DAE, Import
STL, Export
VRML, Export
Artlantis, Export
Indigo Renderer, IGS, Export
Thea Render, XML, Export
Cinema 4D, Export
PNG, BMP, JPG, Import, Export
Adobe PDF, Import, Export
Excel, XLS, Import Export
BIM Objects, Import Export
OBJ Import, Export



Features ARCHLine.XP Revit ArchiCAD
Payment Plan
Affordable Starter
Volume (Perpetual)


Who is the ARCHLine.XP Starter for?

The ARCHLine.XP Starter is for architects, building designers, building consultants and interior designers who want a practical and user-friendly CAD package, but aren’t willing to pay $10,000 for a new software.

How do I get started?

1. The first step is to get in contact with us and to ask questions.

What kind of BIM software are you looking for and what would you like to achieve?

2. Download a trial and book a demonstration/introduction session with our CAD expert. 
Click here to book free demonstration

3. If you’re happy to get some more training, get the ARCHLine.XP Starter for $595. This will give you free training and a full pro license for 3 months. 
Purchase ARCHLine.XP Starter

4. After your training, make sure to purchase outright before the 3 months is over. This will give you a $654.50 discount, bringing the price to only $4,400 + GST from $4995 + GST.

Get in touch with to see if you qualify for the discount.

Alternatively, you can opt for a payment plan or rental. 

What License options are available?

Choose from a lifetime license, payment plan, rental or ARCHLine.XP Starter. A perpetual license will continue to run for as long as your PC and operating system will support it. There is no compulsory subscription and you don’t have to be connected to the internet to use the software.

Can I use ARCHLine.XP on a Mac?

Yes. Apple’s Bootcamp (supplied free with your Mac) lets you use ARCHLine.XP on your Mac when you boot up into Windows (additional).

Alternatively, you can use Parallels which runs a parallel windows desktop in addition to your Mac. This also means you get direct access to all Windows based programs as well as your favorite Mac ones.

We recommend investing in a quality mouse with a scroll wheel. Apple’s Magic Mouse is difficult to use with CAD software.

See System Requirements

Can I work with Revit files and BIM libraries?

Yes, ARCHLine.XP supports the import and use of Revit® .RVT model and .RFA (Revit Family) files. RFA objects carry BIM parameters for the object, so you’ll be working with intelligent building components, not just simple CAD blocks. Most manufacturers provide downloadable ‘BIM’ models in Revit® format which you will use in ARCHLine.XP.

Connect to libraries such as Cadenas® and BIMobject® – import actual objects with their BIM parameters directly into your ARCHLine.XP model.

Can I work with Revit files and BIM libraries?

Yes, ARCHLine.XP supports the import and use of Revit® .RVT model and .RFA (Revit Family) files. RFA objects carry BIM parameters for the object, so you’ll be working with intelligent building components, not just simple CAD blocks. Most manufacturers provide downloadable ‘BIM’ models in Revit® format which you will use in ARCHLine.XP.

Connect to libraries such as Cadenas® and BIMobject® – import actual objects with their BIM parameters directly into your ARCHLine.XP model.

Can I work with SketchUp files?

Yes. You can directly drag and drop editable SketchUp models directly into ARCHLine.XP. You also have direct access to the 3D Warehouse where you can also drag and drop chairs, furniture and any other objects directly into your model.

Can I upgrade my ARCHLine.XP License?

How hard is it to transition to ARCHLine.XP?

Since ARCHLine.XP works in a similar way to many other CAD packages, users usually find themselves in a very familiar CAD/BIM environment that is easy to navigate and easy to understand. You won’t go looking far for tools that you need and also might recognise many of the tools.

Can I use, create or edit AutoCAD .dwg files?

Yes. ARCHLine.XP comes with a full 2D drafting environment that can create, edit, save and let you use dwg files. This includes all the layer information, line styles colours and line thicknesses that were initially set in AutoCAD. You can also save CAD blocks into your library to use later.

How long does it take to learn ARCHLine.XP?

3-4 weeks. With the ARCHLine.XP Starter you will be assigned a CAD/BIM expert who will guide you towards your goals. In addition, there are hundreds of resources and videos online.

ARCHLine.XP Webinars

One-on-One Training

Group Training

ARCHLine.XP Manual

ARCHLine.XP PDF Tutorials

ARCHLine.XP Help

Who else is using ARCHLine.XP?

There are about 17,000 users globally consisting of architects, interior designers, building designers, cabinet makers, building consultants, project managers and others. ARCHLine.XP is highly flexible and thus used by many different types of design professionals.

Why haven't I heard of ARCHLine.XP before?

ARCHLine.XP has been fairly late to the BIM game in Australia. We’ve been around for about 20 years in Europe and are confident our products will prove highly beneficial for non-CAD users and existing CAD users alike in Australia. There are many reasons to switch to ARCHLine.XP.

Why should I switch to ARCHLine.XP?

In short, while most CAD software relies heavily on thousands of over-complicated toolbars that slow you down, ARCHLine.XP relies on an easy-to-navigate interface with practical tools made with designers in mind, not engineers. ARCHLine.XP takes inspiration from the best tools in other CAD software and combines it into an enhanced and simplified interface. Overall, we are also much more open to feedback.

Is the ARCHLine.XP team open to user feedback?

Yes. Unlike many of the larger software companies, ARCHLine.XP seeks to get as much feedback from users as possible, to make sure we are always improving our product and listening to user needs. Currently, ARCHLine.XP has developed many tools that users have requested.

Got questions?

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