Architecture Level 1


Create Basic Drawings

Creating a Wall Recess and Partition Walls

Edit the Frontal Wall Profile

Edit One Side of the Wall

Round Off Wall Corner

T-Connection and Cutting Walls by Walls

"T" and "L" Wall Connections

Cutting a Wall in Two with a Line

"T" Connection Further Options

X-Connection for Crossing Walls


Creating a Slab

Changing Slab Outline Contour

Slab Hole using Headroom Value

Creating a Slab Hole

Editing the Bottom Profile of a Slab

Doors and Windows

Placing Doors

Copying and Setting Door Properties

Creating a Custom Door from a Photo

Create a Custom Door from an Object

Create a Custom Door with the Door Wizard

Creating Corner Windows

Creating Custom Window Shapes

Changing Window Types

Designing Window Sills

Curtain Walls

Creating and Modifying Curtain Walls

Creating Custom Window Shapes

Editing the Layout of Curtain Walls

Grid and Plain Ceilings

Grid and Plain Ceiling

Spot lighting in Ceilings

Working with Complex Shaped Ceiling

Create Group of Ceilings

Beams and Columns

Placing a Column

Stairs and Ramps

Creating a Stair by Staircase

Staircases and Handrails

Step by Step Stairs

Modify the Staircase Shape

U-Shape and Winded Stairs

Spiral Stairs

Cutting a Wall Under a Staircase

Editing the Stair 2D Symbol

Elliptical Stairs 1/3

Elliptical Stairs 2/3

Elliptical Stairs 3/3

Spiral Staircase with Support


Railings and Ballusters

3D Turned Baluster


Creating a Roof. The Basics

Creating a Roof Based on Survey Data

Editing Roofs

Add Chimneys, Gutters and Downpipes

Flat Roof and Roof Planes

Floor Area under Roof

Editing the Beam Structure of Roofs

Dormer Roof and Roof Window

Roof Tiling

Roof Decorating and Recovering Profiles

More about Gutters and Downspouts

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