ARCHLine.XP Training

Getting Started

Explore the interface, import drawings, organise your projects and more.

Architecture 1

Learn about architectural elements such as walls, doors, windows, slabs, roofs, stairs, columns, beams and more.

Interior Design 1

Start with the basics of the Room Maker tool, then build your knowledge around perspectives, documentation, walls, doors windows, slabs, objects, layers, bathrooms and tiling, kitchens, cabinets, printing, mood boards and more.


Learn about cooperation and file BIM model with other software, using BIM libraries, BIM properties, efficient project handling and more.

Interior Design 2

Complex Modelling Tools, Textures and Fabrics, Shade Sails, Kitchen bathroom and Furniture Design, Upholstery, Visualisation, Electrical, Virtual Staging.

Architecture 2

Site Orientation and Geo Location, Digital Terrain Modelling, Volumes and Shadows, Sections and Elevations, Documentation and Printing, Quantity Take-offs, Point Clouds and more.

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