I switched from SketchUp

I needed a technically-oriented software solution, especially regarding building-permits, and for the documentation, because the SketchUp environment is not really made for this. 

We were facing a lot of wasted time. A complex project took 4 to 5 days, and our objective is to reduce that time to 2 days at maximum – and ARCHLine.XP is completely answering our particular needs and requirements.

Mattheiu Pello

Project Manager, KOSMO, France

I wanted to work with different file formats

I was looking for a software that is flexible for opening many file formats, this also means opening older versions with no limitations. In ARCHLine.XP, the same commands can be used as in other software, but the quick icons for speedy drawing makes the whole drawing process much quicker.   

Wannes Malaise

Architect, Ornata Design, Belgium

I was looking for the WOW factor

The best part of any ARCHLine.XP project is usually the end when it’s all done and everybody can see that Wow factor, when I can see that the project is complete and my clients are satisfied.

Barbara Hajdu

Interior Designer, Lagom Home Studio, Hungary

The transition to ARCHLine.XP was worth it

Although transitioning from one CAD program to another takes time and commitment, once you’ve recognised just how deep ARCHLine.XP is, with many 2D and 3D tools & clever parametric tools, it becomes apparent that it can eventually replace 2D CAD & 3D modelling programmes.

Clayton Taylor

Architect, Trotman Taylor Architectural Consultants, UK

I was using ArchiCAD and Revit

As an architect, I started working with ArchiCAD 6.0, and later the office switched to Revit. I came across ARCHLine.XP in 2015, and I was quickly convinced that it is an easy to learn, full-fledged CAD-BIM program, which has no shortcomings compared to its competitors.

Jakob Judis

Architect, Dipl.Ign.Architekt, Norway

We switched from AutoCAD

We worked with AutoCAD software a lot so the transition to ARCHLine.XP was pretty easy because both are similar in the base understanding of design. But ARCHLine.XP offers you a much easier and customer friendly environment for 3D modeling in parallel with 2D design.

Antonis Kiritsis

Architect, ARCHILAB Studio, Greece

I am an architect and I design homes

During the design process, we use ARCHLine.XP to track the budgets from the get-go, and I firmly believe this is the reason why more than 200 houses I have designed have been built.

Gabor Scholtz

Architect, Hungary

We are interior designers

Before I used to draw by hand, which was very time consuming, but ever since I started using this software, my work has become much faster and far more accurate.

Monika Bona

Award-Winning Interior Designer, BOMO Interiors, Hungary

I am a furniture designer

We needed a 3D design software for our furniture manufacture. We wanted to demonstrate the bespoken furniture designed for our clients’ home on photo-quality visuals. After purchasing ARCHLine.XP, I made my first plan within two weeks.

Juraj Kečkéš

Furniture Designer, Slovakia

I am an interior designer

in 2017, I graduated from the School of Interior Design with praise from my reacher and president, and passed the Basic ARCHLine.XP Design Exam, which was complemented by my advanced interior design knowledge. All this is very important to me, because this way I can meet all the needs of my customers. I am a perfectionist, I like high quality furniture and I like to design for the long-term!

Krisztina Szilagyine

Award-Winning Interior Designer, Kriszta Art Interiors

We are residential designers

It was an enormous surprise how intuitive the program proved to be, and we were amazed at the quality of the tutorial videos it was accompanied by. Within 3 months I created the street view of the family houses, and the visuals of the condominium.

Bogar & Elek

Architects, Hungary

I am a long-time user

I’ve been working with ARCHLine.XP for many years since version 3.0, and I’ve been enjoying the ongoing update especially in the 3D part that has become increasingly sophisticated while maintaining the speed and ease of running 3D models

Daniele De Zordo

Architect, Italy

I am a surveyor

Fortunately, the flexibility of ARCHLine.XP allows you to model even the most complex forms and shapes, which can be all turned into IFC elements easily, so that I can deliver a BIM model to my clients.

Omega Solutions

Quantity Surveyor

I am an interior designer

I needed a program, which would not only make a 3D project, but can also do modifications easily. With ARCHLine.XP, when I edit something in a 3D view, it immediately updates in 2D. Thanks to the real-time render, I can see what needs to be improved in each of my scenes.

Beata Krzyszkowska

Design Sense, Poland

I love the support

What do architects want from a CAD software? Mostly, to draw houses, and this is very much possible with ARCHLine.XP. But if problems arise, support is expected from the manufacturer. Personally, I have found that CADLine really take the issues seriously and are very committed to finding a solution.

Christoph Wiesmann

Architect, Germany

I own a small design practice

We have been working with ARCHLine.XP for 10 years, with 4 seats. We are still convinced that we found the best CAD program for our purposes.

Christoph Wiesmann

Thomas Stoppel, Freier Architekt, Germany

I love its abilities

I had been looking with professional interest at our village church for some time and was wondering how to develop it in ARCHLline.XP design software with which I work every day.

Laszlo Farsang

Architect, Hungary

I own a small design practice

After I did my first steps with ARCHLine.XP, it really sucked me in – I was so excited to keep modeling, I spent all my time with the program, and I was done with my project very quickly.

Mathaba Innocent

Draftsman, South Africa

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